Service Center Scholars

The Service Center Scholars was the first and has been the only true NCM "20-Group" of independent automotive service businesses.

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Where We've Been

Service Center Scholars Meeting Locations

  1. Oct 1993 Las Vegas, NV – Founding/Organizing Meeting
  2. Feb 1994 Scottsdale, AZ
  3. Sept 1994 Williamsburg, VA
  4. April 1995 San Diego, CA
  5. Sept 1995 Ridgedale, MO (Big Cedar Lodge)
  6. April 1996 Charleston, SC
  7. Sept. 1996 San Antonio, TX
  8. April 1997 Vancouver, BC
  9. Sept. 1997 Coeur d’Alene, ID
  10. Feb. 1998 Key West, FL
  11. Sept. 1998 Asheville, NC
  12. Feb. 1999 Sedona, AZ
  13. Sept. 1999 Hanover, NH
  14. Feb. 2000 Sanibel Island, FL
  15. Sept. 2000 Aspen, CO
  16. Feb. 2001 Corpus Christi, TX
  17. Sept. 2001 (cancelled due to 9-11)
  18. Feb. 2002 Palm Springs, CA
  19. Sept. 2002 Chattanooga, TN
  20. Feb. 2003 Biloxi, MS
  21. Sept. 2003 Bolten Landing, NY
  22. Feb. 2004 San Francisco, CA
  23. Sept. 2004 Ridgedale, MO (Big Cedar Lodge)
  24. Feb. 2005 Puerto Vallarta, MX
  25. Sept. 2005 Chicago, IL
  26. Feb. 2006 Park City, UT
  27. Sept. 2006 Seattle, WA
  28. Feb. 2007 Savannah, GA
  29. Sept. 2007 Estes Park, CO
  30. Feb. 2008 Napa, CA
  31. Sept. 2008 Portland, ME
  32. Feb. 2009 Austin, TX
  33. Sept. 2009 Milwaukee, WI
  34. Feb. 2010 Las Vegas, NV
  35. Sept. 2010 Santa Fe, NM
  36. Feb. 2011 Key West, FL
  37. Sept. 2011  Detroit, MI
  38. Feb. 2012  La Jolla, CA
  39. Sept. 2012  Greenville, SC
  40. Feb. 2013  Kansas City, MO
  41. Sept. 2013 Cleveland, OH
  42. Feb. 2014  Dallas, TX
  43. Sept. 2014 Lake Tahoe, NV
  44. Feb. 2015  Bonita Springs, FL
  45. Sept. 2015 Louisville, KY
  46. Feb. 2016 Scottsdale, AZ
  47. Sept. 2016 Raleigh, NC


I initially joined the group for a year as a condition of the purchase of my shop. I planned to leave after that year was up. I thought I already knew it all anyway. But Dan, the previous owner, was a member of the group for quite a while. He was one smart fellow. He knew I really needed what this group had to offer for me to be successful running a shop in the long term. His placement of me in this group was the best thing he could have done for me. That all was ten successful years ago!

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A little history...

The Service Center Scholars are administered by NCM Associates, the company that invented the "20-Group" concept in 1947, creating a methodology for new car dealers to improve the performance and profitability of their business operations. Over the years, through NCM's proven structure of regular, agenda driven meetings, shared ideas and detailed financial analysis, groups of like-minded business owners have been able to reach new levels of success that would be difficult or impossible to achieve on their own.

Today NCM administers 20-Groups for all major new car brands as well as for franchised dealers in Powersports (motorcycles, ATV's and watercraft) as well as for quick-lube franchises and independent car dealers.

Visit NCM's website at for more information