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The Service Center Scholars is a peer collaboration 20 Group of independent automotive service businesses.

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Move your business to the next level

Do you want to improve the performance of your independent service shop? Do you want to improve your profitability? Do you want to delegate to increase your free time? Do you want to grow the size and scope of your business or even add another location? We could have the answers for you!

The Service Center Scholars was established in 1993 by a core group of Bosch Service Center owners who thought that the 20-Group concept that worked so well to make new car dealers more successful for over 40 years could work just as well to improve the performance and profitability of their independent repair shops.

Our 20-Group has proven to be the vehicle on the road to success for our members for over 18 years. It has given members the financial, management and marketing tools to reach their goals through the group sharing of ideas, strategies and experiences. It could be the same for you and your business as well!


  • We are the only truly member managed 20-Group:
  • We, as a group, recruit and admit our new, incoming members by the unanimous consent of our membership.
  • We, as a group, create the agenda for each new meeting.
  • We, as a group, decide on the location of each new meeting.
  • We, as a group, elect our 3-man executive committee to oversee
  • our current and future operations.

Other so-called “20-groups” have a for profit administrator who sets the group’s agendas and decide on the locations for their meetings. They also recruit and bring new members into the group without the input or votes of the existing members. A new member could possibly be your, or a friend’s competitor, or someone that you are just not comfortable sharing vital business information with. These groups are run for the financial benefit of the administrator first, and for the benefit of the membership second.

We have a unique, in-depth, group financial composite:
Members have the opportunity to compare ourselves with our group peers even though we employ different accounting systems and software in our shop operations. We achieve by compiling and distributing a monthly and annual financial composite that compares and ranks detailed financial data of our businesses.

We always balance our hard work with a healthy dose of fun:
Balance is important in business as well as life. That’s why we always choose interesting locations for our meetings that have a lot to offer away from the meeting room. A lot can be learned while socializing over a great dinner or taking in the local sights together. Members become friends while wives and significant others become important parts of the group dynamic as well. The social aspects have greatly contributed to the stability and longevity of our Group. Many members come early to meetings and stay later to turn a business event into a vacation spent with close friends.


I was one of the founding members of the group and thought I was a business expert due to my previous corporate level experience working for Ford out of Detroit. After all, when the group was founded I had already been running a successful import shop in the Dallas marketplace for many years. But this group has over the years has given me the tools to increase both the sales volume and profitability of my operation to levels I did not think were possible as my location is not the best. And with all of this business growth I was still able to gradually increase my time away from the shop on a day to day basis.

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A little history...

In October of 1993, Service Center Scholars was formed to improve performance and profitability for its working group of independent automotive shop owners. Over the years, through our structure of regular, agenda driven meetings, shared ideas and detailed financial analysis, groups of like-minded business owners have been able to reach new levels of success that would be difficult or impossible to achieve on their own.