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The Service Center Scholars is a peer collaboration 20 Group of independent automotive service businesses.

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Work with non-competing, successful shop owners to make your shop more streamlined, more efficient, and more profitable through auto shop mentoring by your peers.  If you want to be successful and run your shop instead of the shop running you, we can help.  We go beyond the numbers, and beyond consultants, we are a peer group run by auto repair shop owners interested in auto shop consulting and auto shop mentoring.

Learn the way to grow your business and profitability by working “on” your business rather than working “in” your business.  It is our methodology, ran completely by successful shop owners with valuable information to share.

Precisely evaluate your financial performance against a group of similar service operations on a monthly and annual basis with a well-developed financial model that evaluates your shop’s performance against that of your peers.

Learn the “Best Practices” for every possible business management problem from a team of professional shop owners.  Our Group is all about sharing positive tips for success.

Share the best solutions for tools and technology issues in your shops with a group of leaders.

In the industry, if you want to build your shop into a successful business, and are willing to change, we can help you to improve your business and your life.

At our group meetings it isn’t all work and no play, like most other consulting groups. Be part of this group that meets in great locations that you and your family can enjoy together.   Bring your wife and children, and enjoy your time becoming more profitable!

To find out more about Service Center Scholars, auto shop mentoring and auto shop consulting and membership in our group, contact us today.


I was one of the founding members of the group and thought I was a business expert due to my previous corporate level experience working for Ford out of Detroit. After all, when the group was founded I had already been running a successful import shop in the Dallas marketplace for many years. But this group has over the years has given me the tools to increase both the sales volume and profitability of my operation to levels I did not think were possible as my location is not the best. And with all of this business growth I was still able to gradually increase my time away from the shop on a day to day basis.

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A little history...

In October of 1993, Service Center Scholars was formed to improve performance and profitability for its working group of independent automotive shop owners. Over the years, through our structure of regular, agenda driven meetings, shared ideas and detailed financial analysis, groups of like-minded business owners have been able to reach new levels of success that would be difficult or impossible to achieve on their own.