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The Service Center Scholars is a peer collaboration 20 Group of independent automotive service businesses.

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Do you want to improve the performance of your independent service shop? Do you want to improve your profitability? Do you want to delegate to increase your free time? Do you want to grow the size and scope of your business or even add another location? We could have the answers for you!

The Service Center Scholars was established in 1993 by a core group of Bosch Service Center owners who thought that the 20-Group concept that worked so well to make new car dealers more successful for over 40 years could work just as well to improve the performance and profitability of their independent repair shops.

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To find out more about Service Center Scholars, auto shop mentoring and auto shop consulting and membership in our group, contact us today.

Service Center Scholars

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I initially joined the group for a year as a condition of the purchase of my shop. I planned to leave after that year was up. I thought I already knew it all anyway. But Dan, the previous owner, was a member of the group for quite a while. He was one smart fellow. He knew I really needed what this group had to offer for me to be successful running a shop in the long term. His placement of me in this group was the best thing he could have done for me. That all was ten successful years ago!

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A little history...

In October of 1993, Service Center Scholars was formed to improve performance and profitability for its working group of independent automotive shop owners. Over the years, through our structure of regular, agenda driven meetings, shared ideas and detailed financial analysis, groups of like-minded business owners have been able to reach new levels of success that would be difficult or impossible to achieve on their own.